sales policies

Product satisfaction guarantee

Em’s products carry a 100% iron-clad absolutely-no-questions-asked 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee: If you’re not happy with the product during the first 60 days (if it’s 63 days, we’re not going to quibble), just destroy all copies (including back-ups), and send us an email stating the reason for returning the software, that you have deleted all copies of the products from your systems, and that you will no longer use it.

Note that we can’t offer this same guarantee through our resellers, and it applies to 1-pack products only. For larger n-packs, we’re happy to give you a fully-working but time-limited evaluation licenses to make sure the product is going to work before you buy it.


All minor upgrades for products are freely available by downloading the latest minor version from our site.

Major version upgrades are free for 9 months after you purchase any product, new or upgrade. Otherwise, upgrades are 50% of the full (new) purchase price.

Note that you can upgrade only if your plugin or XTension is less than three major versions old. E.g., with InDesign CC (which is really CS7 at its first release in 2013), you can upgrade from a InDesign CS5 or later license; plug-ins for earlier versions of InDesign will require re-purchasing the product; similarly for QuarkXPress major versions. (That means you should upgrade roughly every 3 years to maintain upgrade rights.)

Also note that we used to call changing motherships (e.g., QuarkXPress to InDesign) “cross-grading”, but now it’s just a normal upgrade in either direction.


Contact for details on obtaining any of these discounts.

educational discounts

We offer a 50% discount for full purchases of software (not upgrades) used for production at accredited educational institutions, and offer them at no cost for exclusive use in classroom teaching at same.

n-pack discounts

An “n-pack” license allows a single copy of the software to run on up to “n” systems simultaneously, at a discounted per-copy price depending on “n.” All copies of an n-pack must be running on one physical campus (e.g., you can’t buy a 5-pack for 5 different offices or even two different offices, 2 at one and 3 at another) and you must go through a single technical contact when dealing with Em support.

n-pack consolidations

Em supports n-pack consolidations, where you already have n copies of an Em product: if you supply us with your n current licenses, we’ll send you an n-pack license to replace all your individual licenses, at no charge.

To consolidate your Em products, you must send us an email, listing all your old license (also called serial numbers) and stating that you will no longer use them in any way, once you receive your consolidated license.

n-pack step-ups (“upgrade insurance”)

Em supports “stepping-up” to the next level of standard n-pack (5, 10, 25, 50, or 100) by paying just the difference between what you’ve already paid for your individual copies (or a smaller k-pack) and the n-pack price.

Single-use license policy

A license (also called a serial number) for one of our products (whether a single copy or part of an “n-pack”) can be used on one machine only, or can be installed on two alternately-used machines (for example, a desktop and a laptop) as long as you can guarantee the two copies will never be running simultaneously. (This is more or less what both Adobe and Quark permit.)

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