Product satisfaction guarantee

Em’s products carry a 100% iron-clad absolutely-no-questions-asked 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee: If you’re not happy with the product during the first 30 days, just destroy all copies (including back-ups), and send us an email stating the reason for returning the software, that you have deleted all copies of the products from your systems, and that you will no longer use it.

Note that we can’t offer this same guarantee through our resellers, and it applies to 1-pack products only. For larger n-packs, we’re happy to give you a fully-working but time-limited evaluation licenses to make sure the product is going to work before you buy it.

Single-use license policy

A license (also called a serial number) for one of our products (whether a single copy or part of an “n-pack”) can be used on one machine only, or can be installed on two alternately-used machines (for example, a desktop and a laptop) as long as you can guarantee the two copies will never be running simultaneously. (This is more or less what both Adobe and Quark permit.)

Upgrades and cross-grades

All minor upgrades for products are freely available by downloading the latest minor version from our site.

Major version upgrades are free for 9 months after you purchase any product, new or upgrade. Otherwise, upgrades are 50% of the full (new) purchase price.

Also note that we used to call changing motherships (e.g., QuarkXPress to InDesign) “cross-grading,” but now it’s just a normal upgrade in either direction.


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