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Becoming an Em reseller

We’re happy to sell on wholesale to anyone would would like to resell our products, either on a retail or on an OEM/VAR (value-added reseller) basis, non-exclusively. You don’t have to apply formally—simply send an email giving your full business information, a contact person for us (for private use only), and outlining your interests and your general business strategy.

(If you are an OEM/VAR, also see our OEM sales information.)

We’re also happy to list you on our resellers page. Please include your country, official company name, website and perhaps one line of information that might distinguish your company.

Sales and sales policies

First be sure to read our general sales overview, to learn about our electronic-download-only products and our licensing scheme.

Then sure to read our sales policies to learn about our licensing policies in detail.

Discounts and pricing

Our normal reseller discount is 25%.

See our product pricing at various n-pack levels, and take your discount from those prices to get your reseller price. We can also sell n-packs of any level (see our sales policies for what an n-pack means, but, generally, it means a set of n licenses for one location at one customer).

Note that, even if your discount improves, we can’t go above 25% for upgrades/cross-grades, n-pack “step-ups,” etc., as those are already pretty well discounted. And we can’t offer educational discounts via reselling, as the combined discount would be too drastic.

Ordering and payment

For orders less than US$1000, we request that you order online. For orders US$1000 or over, we’ll accept purchase orders (which must be paid by wire transfer, Paypal, or credit card for non-US sales).


The best method for ordering our InDesign plugins is online, using the coupon code reseller to get the 25% discount and immediate fulfillment (click Enter promotional code on the lower right to enter that code). If you’re ordering an upgrade for your client, ensure the client has the requisite number of existing licenses as you’re ordering.

For QuarkXPress XTensions, use our XTensions store.

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