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Em history/overview

WordsFlow videos

These are essentially early draft versions a series of screencasts covering WordsFlow, DocsFlow and our other products. So please forgive the less-than-perfect production values. (In particular, I know we need professional voice-overs. ;-))

And I’m publishing them in chunks here, though some may be combined with others eventually, or even broken up further.

You should play these videos full-screen, on a large monitor, to get the full effect.

WordsFlow intro

WordsFlow in action

My apologies for the really poor narration–for some reason my voice wasn’t working well today. But I think it gets the message across.

After the actual demo, I went through a few “bullet points” that I think are incredibly important to state, but I should probably have just left them as normal text here, rather than make a narrated slide show.

Em team history

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