Release: InData 1.2 for InDesign 1

November 20, 2002 by

This release fixes a whole bunch of early-product-life bugs.

Changes at 1.2 release

  • Putting styled text that ends with a hyphen (e.g., "abc-") no longer causes InDesign to hang.
  • Added frameinfo, framefit, and fithframev aliases (for boxinfo, boxfit, and fithboxv respectively).
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when trying to display InData’s preference dialog.
  • Fixed a problem where some of the prototype’s character attributes might not be applied correctly.
  • Fixed problems with framefit (nee boxfit) and image positioning/sizing where the operation could occasionally be ignored or fail.
  • Fixed a problem with loops where errors occuring inside the loop wouldn’t terminate execution of the prototype. (Instead, you’d see the error dialog for each record.)
  • Absolute Windows paths are no longer treated like Mac paths and converted to Windows paths. E.g., "c:\pictures\mypic.tif" was being converted to "\c\\pictures\mypic.tif", resulting in a missing picture report. (Windows only)
  • Pressing the InData panel’s cancel button before starting a job no longer causes a crash.
  • The boxinfo statement now correctly returns page and spread umbers that start at 1 (one).
  • Characters preceeding an inline object and sharing the same character formatting as the inline are no longer dropped.
  • Paragraph styles are now applied only when the paragraph’s terminating return is encountered (which is how Xdata, InData’s sister product, works).

Changes at 1.1 release

  • Fixed Convert vertical tab to: Shift-Return, as VTs were incorrectly becoming indent-to-heres.
  • Fixed VT and CR conversion to Nothing.
  • Added InCatalog link tag support.
  • Fixed the text insertion point for back-to-back runs when externally scripted.
  • The InData dialog is now closed immediately when externally scripted.
  • Fixed potential crash that can occur when an InData document is saved on a machine without InData and then is re-opened on a machine with InData (InDesign 1.5 & 1.5.2).
  • Saved documents containing InData information no longer cause a warning to be issued when opened on machines without InData.
  • Failed picture imports no longer cause multiple error messages.
  • Headers/footers update no longer fails when the selection is in overset text.
  • Fixed program hang if error encountered during headers/footers update.
  • Fixed boxfit picture positioning directive (which had been ignoring margins).
  • First record is header (ignore) import option no longer ignores more than just the first record (was ignoring 1st, 3rd, 5th, …).
  • Fixed potential crash when opening data file on Windows.
  • Fixed headers/footers update crash when Last on Spread is selected.
  • Added support for Pi-type fonts.
  • Fixed problem that was slowing data import if the cursor wasn’t left over the import dialog.

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