Release: InData 6/ for InDesign CS4/5/5.5

January 27, 2012 by

This patch release addresses issues with scripting, indent-to-here characters, the format() function and CJK systems.


  • Fixed a problem where native indent-to-here characters (#7) were being stripped from imported text.
  • Added negative and zero sections to format()‘s format string, which now allows "positive numbers;negative numbers;zero values" (where sections are separated by semicolons). For example, format("0", "#,###;(#,###);zero") would produce "zero".
  • Fixed the format() function to strip leading zeros, such that format("0","#,###") now returns "" rather than "0". To preserve leading zeros, use a placeholder 0 (zero).
  • Fixed a problem with the format() function where different forms of zero (like 0, 0.00 and -0) weren’t being formatted the same.
  • Fixed a data import problem where a Unix line-end (LF) as a record separator was being ignored.
  • Fixed a problem where a scripted import could fail (or, in CS4, crash) if a text selection wasn’t already set in the target story.
  • Fixed a problem where imports on CJK systems were always failing with a “[T7] You can’t use this character in a prototype” error.

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