Beta release: InCatalog 8.2.9 beta 1 for InDesign CS6

May 21, 2012 by

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of InCatalog 8.2.9 beta 1 for Adobe InDesign CS6.

You can download the beta from the sidebar on the right or from the beta sidebar on the main product page . When you download and expand the linked .zip file, you’ll find a folder InCatalog 8.2.9b1 for InDesign CS6, containing the Adobe Extension Manager CS6 installation files for InCatalog 8.2.9b1 and InFlow 8.2.2b1 for your selected OS (incatalog829b1_installer_win.zxp and inflow822b1_installer_win.zxp for Windows, and incatalog829b1_installer_mac.zxp and inflow822b1_installer_mac.zxp for Mac OS). Double-click on each .zxp file to install InCatalog 8 and, optionally, InFlow 8 (which you may no longer need, given CS6’s new Primary Text Frame feature).

If you already own a license for InCatalog 7 (beginning “EC-N-7”) for CS5/CS5.5, then this same license will also activate InCatalog 8 during its beta phase. If you’ve an older license or are in need of a new license, please contact our sales department to purchase a license for InCatalog 8. As always, you’re welcome to try InCatalog 8 for free as a Demo, which limits imports to 50 links.

We expect InCatalog 8.2.9b1 to be stable and usable right out of the gate. We hope to have a final release available fairly soon.

Please note that this beta plug-in will expire on July 1, 2012.

Thanks for giving this beta a try!  We value your feedback, so please contact us with any questions or concerns while you use this, or any other, Em product.

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