Release: InData 6/7/ for InDesign CS4/5/5.5/6

June 28, 2012 by

This release of InData adds support for Adobe InDesign CS6, officially ends support for CS4, and improves the import experience.


With this release, the CS6 plug-in now requires a valid InData 8 (CS6) serial number.

This release bundles our InFlow companion plug-in, which may be required for your data imports to automatically add pages properly. Note that InFlow is not installed by the InData zxp installer; instead, you’ll need to double-click the separate InFlow zxp installer file.


  • Added support for InDesign CS6.
  • When importing InDesign Tagged Text using the &it tag, a start file tag is now allowed and, if present, can indicate the desired encoding of the import. A “narrow” tag like <ASCII-MAC> at the beginning of the tagged text now forces the tagged text to be treated as Roman/Latin characters and enables special character tags like <0x2022>. Likewise, a wide tag like <UNICODE-WIN> forces the tagged text to be treated as Unicode characters.

    For example, <&it"""<ASCII-WIN>bullet character: <0x2022>.""">will now properly place the bullet character.

    The default encoding, when no start file tag is provided, has not changed and is still UNICODE.

  • Improved compatibility with InDesign’s Smart Text Reflow feature.
  • Fixed a problem where a start file tag like <ASCII-MAC> in InDesign-tagged text could cause the import to fail.
  • Fixed a problem where invalid control characters were being allowed to pass into the document.
  • Fixed the Data Preferences dialog’s delimiter popups so that the 00 (null) entry is selectable.
  • Fixed a problem where using Show document changes every N records wasn’t always redrawing the document. (Mac only)

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