Release: WordsFlow 0.1 for InDesign CS6

September 18, 2012 by

As proud “parents,” we’re happy to announce that our latest product, WordsFlow, is now available for the first time in a preview release for your testing pleasure! (There’s also a back story to WordsFlow.)

As described in detail on its product page, WordsFlow provides a break-through in editorial production, by letting authors and editors continue working on stories, all the while you’re formatting and editing that same story in InDesign. WordsFlow “merge-updates” (see the user guide for details) from updated Word or Excel files rather than letting InDesign just re-import over all your work.

We’d love you to try WordsFlow, to see if it really works as promised, and to give us feedback on this first version. We believe it’s fundamentally sound, since we’re using the same core technology as its sister product DocsFlow has been using for a couple of years. But, do remember it’s still a preview and not necessarily ready for production use.

See the “WordsFlow support” sidebar on the product page or user guide for information on how to get feedback to us.

Thanks in advance for feedback about how WordsFlow is helping your editorial production, or how we can improve it to work better for you.

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