WordsFlow – announcing a new product

September 13, 2012 by

We’ve just added a section to our site about WordsFlow, a new product.

The idea of WordsFlow came about when we were discussing our collaborative editorial plugin DocsFlow with David Blatner, and he mentioned off-hand that it would be great to have something like DocsFlow, but for normally-placed Word files.

That rang a big bell, so we set to work to see if we could make something that worked behind the scenes, nearly invisibly, to remove the number-one production headache in InDesign: dealing with changed text files after they’ve been placed, edited and formatted, etc.

After some brainstorming among all of us about how it might work, Chris Roueche came up with a working solution, using the same back end logic as DocsFlow (which we call BackFlow, written by John Whitney). Even better, because of the existing Google Docs spreadsheet support in BackFlow, WordsFlow works just as well with placed Excel spreadsheets.

We’re just a day or three away from releasing the first public beta of WordsFlow, and we’re quite anxious to see how it will work in the real world. So please stay in touch and you’ll hear about the first release when it’s ready.


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