Release: WordsFlow 2.4 for InDesign CS5–CC2014

February 18, 2015 by

This point release fixes a particularly painful problem that’s been damaging Excel links during updates and resulting in “Cannot update link…” errors. If you work with Excel files, we highly recommend that you update to this release as soon as possible. Beyond that, this release contains the usual blend of fixes and improvements, this time for exporting stories and for working with Excel sheets in general. Enjoy!


  • Adds Sheet and Cell Range fields to the Links panel. Access the Panel Options dialog from the Links panel’s menu to enable the display of an Excel link’s sheet name and cell range as columns in the Links panel or as fields in the panel’s Link Info area. We’re not sure why Adobe has never added these fields themselves, but we’ve found them handy for working with Excel links… and we hope you do to!
  • Adds export support for fill colors applied to text frames.
  • Adds export support for fill colors in styles applied to text frames and table cells.
  • Adds export support for numbering patterns using “^”.
  • Fixes an insidious issue when placing and updating many Excel files that was resulting in damaged links and “Cannot update link…” errors. We found that during updates and relinks, InDesign was substituting a link’s sheet name with that of the most-recently placed sheet behind WordsFlow’s back, leaving links with a connection to the proper Excel file but the wrong sheet. This mismatch was then causing InDesign to complain and fail during the next update.

    If you have placed and updated from multiple Excel files, then those links may have already been damaged. To see if they are, use the Links panel to view their Sheet reference (see top bullet, above). If the sheet name is incorrect, you can use Relink to repair the link. Be sure to Show Import Options for the Relink and to then select the correct sheet and cell range.

  • Fixes a problem with documents opened from idml files that was causing Excel links to update or relink with the incorrect settings.
  • Fixes a problem with exported stories containing vertically-centered text with nested text frames that could prevent Word from opening the resulting document.
  • Addresses an issue with exported files being immediately reimported where some fonts were being replaced with the default font.
  • Fixes an export problem where stories containing hyperlinks could create a damaged Word document.
  • Addresses an issue where some fonts were being exported with a “$ID/” prefix.
  • Fixes a problem where exporting a column break would generate an extra, empty paragraph.
  • Fixes a problem where exporting stories with anchored text frames could lead to duplicated content.

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