Release: WordsFlow 2.6.2 for InDesign CS5–CC2015

September 12, 2015 by

This minor release includes a fix for a potential application freeze when updating, and addresses a few other issues with updating and exporting.


  • Fixes a problem where a link update could cause InDesign to freeze if the style that was active when the file was placed had been renamed, deleted, or moved.
  • Fixes a problem that could cause anchored text frames to lose their settings during updates.
  • Fixes a problem that was preventing docx exports for stories containing images referenced in other parts of the document.
  • Fixes a problem that could prevent (moved) text from being exported to a Word document.
  • Improves the display of the WordsFlow text frame link badge, although it may still disappear and reappear randomly at higher zoom levels. (CC 2015 only)
  • Works around an InDesign problem which was preventing WordsFlow > Update Linked Document from being enabled when the link’s Story Status was showing as modified. (CS5 only)

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