Release: InCatalog 2.17 for InDesign CS5–CC2015

January 29, 2016 by

This release removes the antiquated requirement that DD sets always match, fixes a corruption issue with InCatalog snapshot index files (.x files), and addresses various issues with tables, odbc, price styles, and the Data Linker.


  • Does away with the requirement that the selected DD’s set (as determined by the DD’s containing folder’s name) always be the same as the DD set used to create the document. This change in InCatalog’s long-standing policy removes the need to hold down the Alt/Option key when selecting a DD file that’s in a different folder. (In effect, the Alt/Option key is now always held down automatically.)
  • Remembers the last data export’s file extension in the Create Data Snapshot dialog.
  • Greatly improves the speed of table updates.
  • Enables interactive updating for multiple frame selections with the Data Linker‘s Group button.
  • Enables interactive updating for single and multiple cell selections with the Data Linker‘s Table Cell button.
  • Fixes a corruption issue introduced in the 2.16.1 release that could cause updates from data snapshot files to fail with missing keys. If you start receiving inexplicable missing key errors, please close the data file and delete its associated .x file (found in the data file’s folder). When next used, the data file should no longer produce missing key errors.
  • Fixes key generation of key-from-contents links from Unicode text. Unicode control characters (like Word Joiner) are now ignored and Unicode whitespace characters (like 3-per-Em, Thin, and Hair Space) are now converted to a (single, regular) space.
  • Fixes the ^F price style placeholder so that it no longer suppresses leading zeros after a decimal point (. or ^.) or after a use of the price’s whole part (^W).
  • Fixes styled price updating, which was broken by the 2.16 release.
  • Fixes a problem where placing InDesign Tagged Text with InCatalog links could cause InDesign to shut down. (Mac OS X only)
  • Fixes a Data Linker problem where the key and edit fields or the whole update section could become permanently disabled.
  • Fixes interactive spread updating to include text boxes that are linked to boxes on previous spreads.

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