Release: WordsFlow 2.6.9 for InDesign CS5–CC2015

August 18, 2016 by

This release addresses styling issues when updating and exporting and improves product stability.


  • Fixes a problem where updating a story from a linked Word document could introduce “flattened” versions of grouped styles to the document. For example, a story using the paragraph style BodyGroup > bold will no longer, after an update, be found using a new style named BodyGroup:bold and will instead continue using the original BodyGroup > bold style.
  • Fixes a problem that could prevent stories containing Graphic-style table cells from updating.
  • Works around an InDesign bug that could cause an update of a story containing lots of conditional text to shut the application down.
  • Fixes a problem with updating where inserted text was incorrectly being assigned the paragraph style of adjacent deleted text.
  • Fixes a problem where exporting a story as a Word document could add unused/unwanted styles and colors to the InDesign document.
  • Hides the default Word styles in exported documents.

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