Release: DocsFlow 2.11 for InDesign CS5–CC2017

July 12, 2017 by

This release adds support for Relink, enhances the Place dialog, and improves the Export dialog.


  • Adds a Relink to Google Docs… entry to the DocsFlow Links panel menu and enables re-linking in general of existing DocsFlow links.
  • Adds drag-and-drop support for Google Drive documents to the Place Google Docs Document dialog. Dragging a URL from or files from a Google Drive folder will select those items in the dialog’s list of documents. Dropped items not found in the list (maybe they’re from a different Google account) are quietly ignored.
  • Fixes a problem introduced in the 2.10.5 release where some shared folders aren’t displayed and the contained files are displayed at the top-level of the Place Google Docs Documents dialog
  • Adds Set Default Import Options from Link… to the Links panel’s DocsFlow menus so that the import settings used to place a Google Docs document can be viewed and used with the next Place from Google Docs.
  • Displays items in the Export to Google Docs dialog in a way that’s more like the Place Google Docs Documents dialog.
  • Enables Export to Google Docs… for already-linked stories.
  • Changes the Export to Google Docs dialog to use the current document’s title as its default name instead of always using “Untitled document.”
  • Fixes the Export to Google Docs dialog to display with the last-used folder already selected.
  • Fixes a problem where switching user accounts from the Export to Google Docs dialog would result in a “no active login” error.
  • Adds support for Books and a Set Import Options entry to the Book panel’s menu so that common Place from Google Docs settings (like style mapping) can be shared by all chapters (documents) in that book.

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