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October 2, 2017 by

Matt Dunton, digital UX (user experience) designer at Agidea, has written a very helpful overview of their use of DocsFlow and how it solves “the problem of inflexible workflow between copy and designers.”

The background:

Our problem at Agidea was that we wanted to create high quality, illustrated, on-brand documents, that could be reused and easily updated in Indesign when required, with copy and design kept separate, so that copy editors didn’t have to go into the graphics package. Because of the lack of flexibility with integrating copy and visual designs, as a work around in the past, we have used Word or Powerpoint as these are easy for content editors, despite delivering less professional visual layouts.

After adopting DocsFlow:

This has simplified Agidea’s process for print document creation, making it a much more flexible and joined up process. Gone are the days of the designer waiting patiently for the copy to be finalised, and correspondingly the copy writer having to meet a fixed deadline set by the designer. This software allows both parties to work seamlessly as a joined up team, in real time, for painless updates, greater efficient and a simpler working process for high quality print layout creation.

We encourage you to read the whole thing.

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