Release: WordsFlow 2.11 for InDesign CS5–CC2018

February 27, 2018 by

This release adds full support for CC 2018’s endnotes and includes a number of other fairly significant fixes and improvements.


  • Adds support for CC 2018’s new endnotes feature when placing, exporting, and updating Word documents with endnotes. Known issues are:
    • For story-positioned endnotes, CC 2018.0 will add a new Endnotes page with each Update or Relink. This is an InDesign limitation that we expect to be resolved with Adobe’s next update.
    • InDesign does not currently autoflow (add more than one page for) endnotes.
  • Adds Open Linked Document and Edit Linked Document to the various WordsFlow menus. Open Linked Document opens the linked file in its default application, and that’s it. It’s useful when you want to look at the Word or Excel file but don’t want Edit Original‘s automatic Link Update when you return to InDesign. Edit Linked Document, like Edit Original, both opens the linked file and then updates the story when InDesign regains focus, and is included for convenience.
  • Improves progress bar movement and enables Cancel for long operations.
  • Lets Update Linked Document be shown as an undoable step in the Edit menu.
  • Accepts all changes on a story as part of an Export with WordsFlow. This improves consistency by putting the story in the same state it would be in if it had just been placed with WordsFlow.
  • Greatly improves the efficiency of updates with very large tables. For example, one sample document we have with a 2000-row table (70 pages!) that used to take 12 hours to update now takes under 3 minutes.
  • Fixes very slow, and occasional crashing of, exports of long stories containing tracked changes.
  • Puts a space between adjacent exported tables to keep them from being merged by Word.
  • Adds conversion of lab colors to sRGB for Word exports.
  • Fixes the export of stories using “type on a path.”
  • Fixes a problem where updating a story containing special symbol characters could fail with an error.

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