Release: InData 2.8 for InDesign CS5–CC2018

March 7, 2018 by

This release augments the fieldindex() function and corrects a long-standing problem when using XPress Tags translation tables in styled puts.


  • Allows the fieldindex() function to resolve an arbitrary expression as a field reference. For example, given a field named “price”, fieldindex("price") will now return the same index as fieldindex(price). (Before, it would’ve returned the value 0 because the string "price" wouldn’t have been seen as a bona fide field name.) When combined with fieldvalue(), a prototype can now be designed that lets the imported data select the field that’s used in an expression (like «put fieldvalue(fieldindex(price_field_for_region)) into price»). Note that, to use the value of a field as the argument for fieldindex(), the value must first be copied to a variable which is then used as the fieldindex() argument (because given an actual field, fieldindex() will just return the index of that field).
  • Fixes a long-standing problem where XPress Tags settings like translations and macros were being lost between styled puts. Now, when using XPress Tags-styled puts, a translation table or macro can be set with the first record and remain active for all styled puts throughout the entire import. This change aligns InData behavior with existing (and long-standing) Xdata behavior.

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