Release: DocsFlow 3.0.1 for InDesign CS6, CC2018-2020

February 20, 2020 by

This patch improves stability and addresses issues with importing and updating.

With this release, we’ve added a free DocsFlow “helper” plug-in for Adobe’s InCopy to prevent both the dreaded Missing Plug-in alert and document corruption, when opening documents or assignments containing stories placed with DocsFlow in InDesign. Use the links in the sidebar to download and install the DocsFlow that matches your version of InCopy. Once installed, the helper plug-in will sit quietly in the background protecting DocsFlow’s information on linked stories from editing operations that would otherwise remove it.


  • Patches InDesign’s Missing Fonts dialog so that it displays the Google document’s actual title and is only shown once for an Update All Links.
  • Patches an InDesign problem that could cause an Update All Links to fail with a “the file is not accessible” error if any of the links being updated had an Inaccessible status.
  • Fixes a change made for the 3.0 release that could cause documents with many links to open slowly or present back-to-back Google sign-ins.
  • Fixes a problem introduced in the 3.0 release that could cause InDesign to quit unexpectedly after closing a document containing links to Google documents.
  • Fixes a problem where opening a document containing a disembodied story could cause InDesign to shut down.
  • Fixes a long-standing problem where a link could show as Modified immediately after an update, if the document contained other links to that same Google document.
  • Fixes a problem introduced in the 3.0 release that could cause imports to fail with a “too large” error.
  • Fixes a problem where a link update could fail due to hyperlink errors.
  • Works around an InDesign bug that could cause the wrong inset values to be set on table cells.
  • Optimizes communications with Google, which makes opening and working with documents containing many links faster.
  • Fixes support for direct, scripted placement of Google documents using browser URLs. For example, the ExtendScript line"…PAl/edit"); will now properly load InDesign’s Place Gun with the referenced Google document. Before, scripted places only worked with file system-style paths (from Google Drive FS or Backup and Sync).

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