Release: DocsFlow 3.3.2 for InDesign CS6, CC2019-2021

February 3, 2021 by

This patch release improves the Import Options dialog and adds endnotes support.


  • Fixes support for exporting stories containing endnotes. Endnotes are exported to Google Docs as footnotes, but are retained (and updated) as endnotes in the InDesign document.
  • Displays the Import Options dialog’s list of Presets in alphabetical order (which it used to do, but hasn’t since the 3.0 release).
  • Adds an (Other…) entry to the Font Size list in the Import Options dialog’s Character Style Mapping sub-dialog to allow the mapping of arbitrary font sizes.
  • Shows the Import Options dialog if Shift is held down as you click Place or as you double-click a document title in the Place Google Docs Documents dialog. Holding down Shift as you click Export does the same in the Export to Google Docs dialog.
  • Preserves empty paragraphs in the original Google Docs document when updating it with a story that was placed with the Collapse All Empty Paragraphs option enabled. Prior to this release, updating the linked Google Docs document would send the collapsed paragraphs back to the original. Now, collapsed paragraphs are retained in the story but never affect the original.
  • Fixes Relink to Google Docs… so that it works with InCopy Document links instead of failing with a missing base error (which may have shown as “[1399NRS]”).
  • Imports Google Docs documents for which Google doesn’t provide username and/or date information instead of failing with an “AttributeError” exception.

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