Release: Xcatalog 3.16 for QuarkXPress 2020 (end-of-life)

May 5, 2021 by

This release removes support for QuarkXPress 2018 & 2019 and concludes development for QuarkXPress.

As we noted in our Spring 2021 newsletter, we are no longer developing XTensions for Quark products. This release is the last version of Xcatalog that we’ll make.

To help soften the blow, we’re allowing this final release of the QuarkXPress 2020 XTension to work with any version of QuarkXPress that itself supports XTensions built for QuarkXPress 2020. What that means is

  • this release definitely works with QuarkXPress 2020; and,
  • this release may work with future versions of QuarkXPress (like the upcoming 2021 release, which we’re pretty sure it will work with) so long as that version supports XTensions built for QuarkXPress 2020. Unfortunately, we can’t promise or guarantee compatibility with versions of QuarkXPress that haven’t been released, so please test before you commit!

What this also means is that your Xcatalog licenses for QuarkXPress 2020 are now, for all intents, perpetual licenses that can be used to activate the 2020 Xcatalog XTension with any version of QuarkXPress that can load it.

On macOS, this XTension will remain Intel-only. We will not be supporting Apple’s new Apple Silicon line of processors. To use this XTension on an ARM/M1 macOS machine, you may need to run QuarkXPress in Intel compatibility mode (using Rosetta 2).

If you would like to move your workflow to InDesign, know that InCatalog, Xcatalog’s equivalent for InDesign, shares the same user interface and capabilities. In addition, InCatalog is fully scriptable on both Windows and macOS and supports InDesign Server. Unfortunately, catalog links do not normally survive document conversion, but our support folks have a number of time-tested methods for automating the transition. Please contact support for help and advice.


  • Allows the QuarkXPress 2020 XTension to work with any version of QuarkXPress that supports XTensions built for QuarkXPress 2020 (Intel processors only). If you don’t already have a license, please visit the Em Software online store to purchase an Xcatalog upgrade license for QuarkXPress 2020.
  • Discontinues support for QuarkXPress 2018 and 2019. While we can no longer fix problems or add features, we will otherwise provide normal support indefinitely.

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