Free InData online seminar with Laurie Ruhlin

September 15, 2021 by

Laurie Ruhlin will be presenting a no-cost InData online webinar on James Wamser’s Words of Wisdom series. From the overview:

Laurie will be showing how she took data and images from a Walsworth customer’s database and flowed it into an InDesign layout using Em Software’s InData, an InDesign plugin. She started by redesigning the catalog, then worked to get the data and images ready to flow. She created the InData Prototype, which allowed her to flow and format hundreds of catalog items from an Excel Spreadsheet and images located on a shared server into her InDesign document in minutes.

Laurie’s presentations are always excellent, so we can’t recommend this more highly.

(Now that the webinar is finished, use this link to view the recording.)

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