Release: InData 2.18.1 for InDesign 2020-2022

June 15, 2022 by

This patch fixes hyperlinks for email addresses and fileexists for URLs.


  • Fixes hyperlinks that link to emails. If InData finds that the address or subject property of an email-type hyperlink references the name of a field or global variable, then that property is changed in the imported hyperlink. The name of a referenced field or global variable may, but is not required to, include enclosing chevrons, like «email_addr».

  • Fixes hyperlinks that link to URLs for which InDesign’s Edit Hyperlink dialog has auto-inserted its default “http://” prefix. A field or global variable reference is now found if it’s all that’s after an http:// prefix, like http://«web_addr» or http://web_addr (without chevrons). The prefix is preserved in the imported hyperlink only if it’s needed; if the referenced field contains its own URL scheme (like http:, https:, or file:), then the http:// from the prototype is removed.

  • Fixes the fileexists operator to work with non-file (URL) paths. It now returns true if a local copy of the remote item was successfully obtained and is ready for import or false if the URL produces a “404 Not Found” or its download generates any kind of connection or server error. A fileexists() will find previously-downloaded items in the Downloads folder but will return true only if it is able to verify with the server that the local copy is up to date.

  • Fixes the filecontents operator to work with non-file (URL) paths. Note that because the result of a filecontents() isn’t linked, what it downloads is never saved in the Downloads folder.

  • Fixes the filecontents operator to look for its file in the picturefolders folder list.

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