Release: WordsFlow 3.7 for InDesign 2020-2022

August 16, 2022 by

This release adds hyperlink style mapping and emoticon support, and fixes issues with document corruption, image quality, text wrap, and more.


  • Adds character style mapping for hyperlinks and email addresses imported from a Word file.

  • Adds support for optional and nonbreaking hyphens when importing a Word file.

  • Adds support for emoticons and other “modern” Unicode characters and prevents an “Invalid argument” error when updating stories containing Unicode characters with surrogate pairs.

  • Adds support for Jump object and other wrap settings, including offsets, when exporting objects to Word.

  • Supports setting exact row heights for exported Word tables.

  • Fixes a long-standing problem where a link update could remove a story’s WordsFlow link and its “WF” badge if the story’s status is “modified,” the linked file (a Word document, for example) is open in another application (like Word), and “No” is selected when InDesign shows its “Edits have been made… Update anyway?” alert. (Windows only)

  • Fixes a problem introduced in the 2.13 release that could lose changes made to import options during a relink.

  • Fixes an image quality issue when updating a link to a story that was previously exported to Word with images in a format not supported by Word (like a QR code’s .eps, for example, that’s converted to .wmf when opened with Word for Mac).

  • Works around InDesign behavior that could cause a link update to fail with a “Cannot handle the request because a modal dialog or alert is active” message when opening multiple chapters of a book at the same time if the chapters contain modified links and the user, when asked, chooses to update them.

  • Fixes an issue with imports failing in the presence of paragraph borders.

  • Fixes automatic font selection for special characters like emoticons.

  • Fixes a problem with importing numbered lists with custom number values (such as when skipping values).

  • Fixes a “TypeError” exception when importing a Word document with missing numbered list information.

  • Fixes a problem that could export a numbered list incorrectly.

  • Fixes a failure to export stories containing non-rectangular frames.

  • Fixes a problem where endnotes could be dropped when importing them as static text.

  • Fixes the loss of hyperlinks within endnotes when updating a link.

  • Fixes a rare “list index out of range” error when exporting some stories to Word.

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