Release: Xtags 6/7.1.4 for InDesign CS4/5/5.5

October 13, 2011 by

This release extends script label support and includes several critical fixes.


  • Added support for script labels on text, picture and none-type page items. On import, the box name parameter of the &tb[u], &pb[u] and &nb[u] tags may now contain a sub-list of quoted key-value script label pairs, like

    ...,("Label", "box name", "key1", "value1")...

    (Note that what our documentation calls the box name is just the script label with key “Label”.)

  • Fixed an import problem where following one Import Text with Xtags… with another could cause InDesign to crash.
  • Fixed a problem where calling out a language in a *p tag that wasn’t yet being used in the document would result in an error.
  • Fixed an output problem where some kerning transitions were being skipped.

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