Welcome, NENPA 2023 attendees!

April 29, 2023 by

And welcome, NENPA attendees’ print production folk! This is for you.

The Em Software “news flow” duo of plugins for Adobe InDesign—WordsFlow and DocsFlow—enable direct links from stories in layout to the original articles, whether in Word or Google Docs, respectively.

  • Now you can start news layout with first drafts of stories, and accept minute-by-minute and even last-second changes without losing any work on either side, using our unique “magic merge” InDesign story link updates. Just a double-click on a changed story link does the job.
  • Now you can eliminate your most challenging production problem: tedious and time-consuming work when stories are inevitably updated. Your authors’ and editors’ changes are “magic merged” right in to your current story, without losing any of your hard editing and layout work in InDesign. No more relying on error-prone hand-marked-up PDFs, Word diffs, visual comparisons, or manual lists of story changes.
  • Your authors’ and editors’ workflow doesn’t need to change at all—they continue using their same tools and procedures. As the “news flow” InDesign plugin user, to them you simply have new superpowers and are happy to take last-minute changes to stories as news breaks, with no botched or missing layout edits.
  • And all this for the cost of three lattes per month!

Even better, we’re just now releasing an auto-PDF feature for both plugins that automatically exports an adjacent PDF of the story’s pages when you merge-update a link in InDesign. So your authors/editors can now view the actual layout resulting from their changes, without manual intervention.

These plugins have been field-proven at thousands of installations for over a decade now, and thus are rock solid from years of honing.

You can get going in a few minutes with the 15-day full-featured free trials and experience the magic for yourself—it’s a little hard to believe until you see it with your own eyes.

Visit Try WordsFlow (for a Microsoft Word-based newsroom) or Try DocsFlow (for a Google Docs-based newsroom) to get started.

Em has been developing award-winning data publishing and workflow automation software for 32 years, and we’re here for the long haul. Join thousands of delighted users of the “news flow” suite and see the difference!


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