InDesign 2023 plugins released

October 27, 2022 by

All of Em’s plugins are now released for InDesign 2023. We released WordsFlow and DocsFlow a week ago (a day after the 2023 release itself), and released InCatalog, InData and Xtags for InDesign today.

We do appreciate your patience with us on these releases. Normally we’re ready with all of them on the day of InDesign release (we’ve even been a bit early in recent years), but these releases include wrapping up some multi-month complex engineering efforts that took us right up to, and just over the wire.

You can download these latest releases, as ever, from each product’s main page, sidebar Downloads for InDesign. Individual release notes are coming right up.

Tip: When upgrading to a new major InDesign release (not a point release), always check to see if our plugins are ready for the new release. If not, make sure to unselect the Remove previous release option. That way, you can continue using our plugins under the previous release until we have plugins for the new release available.

Licenses at this transition

These releases include our new subscription licensing, as we detailed a month ago. We’ve been careful to make sure you get the most out of your existing “old-style” licenses.

New subscription licenses

If you’ve purchased licenses in the past week or so, you should have new-style subscription licenses that will work as you’d expect. You’ll have plenty of warning as you get close to the expiration.

Old-style licenses for 2023

If you have an old-style perpetual license for InDesign 2023, which we’ve been vending already for 6 months (to avoid having to send auto-upgrade emails as we have in the past), you can plug it in to the new licensing machinery, using it indefinitely with InDesign 2023 or earlier.

If it was a newly-purchased license and not an upgrade, it will auto-convert to a 2-year subscription from the point of purchase, when and if you switch to InDesign 2024 next fall.

Old-style licenses for 2022 and earlier

If you have an old-style license for InDesign 2021 or 2022, you can plug it in to the licensing dialog, and (assuming you purchased online), it will auto-convert to a subscription license with 2 years from the point of a new license purchase, or 1 year from the point of an upgrade purchase. So there may still be plenty of life left in those older licenses. If not, it’ll tell you it’s expired, and you can purchase a new subscription license.

Any license for earlier than InDesign 2021 would be too old to auto-convert to a subscription, and you’ll need to purchase a new license.

However, don’t try using any auto-upgrade license from our notification emails; use the older license that was auto-upgraded instead. The system won’t find any auto-upgraded licenses in the vended-licenses database, only those actually purchased online.

Special cases

If you purchased via a purchase order, or had some other special arrangement like consolidation of multiple licenses, contact us at to see if we can convert your license to a subscription.

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