Release: Xtags 1.5 for InDesign CS5/5.5/6

December 7, 2012 by

This release of Xtags for InDesign adds the ability to size anchored frames to their column and includes several other improvements and fixes.


  • Adds a new C code letter for the sizing specs field of an anchored or as-anchored box tag’s width and height parameters. C may not be combined with S or R but may be used with F to size the box’s contents to the column as well. Sizing-to-column is allowed for anchored box tags, as-anchored box tags (unanchored, but with both x and y parameters left empty), and line tags.

    Unlike S, which is only allowed to shrink a box, C is only allowed to grow a box to fit its column. Thus, its initial size is its minimum size, and what was the minimum (4th) parameter therefore becomes the box’s maximum size.

    For example, <&pb((32pt,CF),(128,S),,,,,,,,,C,,,,,,,”p1234.jpg”)> would create an anchored frame with its width sized to the insertion point’s column, with the picture’s width scaled to the frame’s (and therefore the column’s) width, and with the frame’s height set to that of the picture.

  • Adds support for all InDesign-specific paragraph alignments, including *N for justify with last line aligned center, *G for justify with last line aligned right, *I for align towards spine, and *O for align away from spine.
  • Fixes a long-standing problem where <$>, when used with some fonts (Adobe Garamond Pro, to name one), was applying a “Regular” override rather than resetting the typeface to that of the paragraph’s style.
  • Preserves the justification component of alignment applied to paragraphs with tabs.
  • Generates proxy picture paths for missing pictures in newly-created documents so that they’re relative to the user’s home folder. Note that this fall-back behavior may be avoided by saving the document before importing your tagged text.
  • Fixes a problem where inserting a duplicate text anchor using the &Ya tag could cause a crash.

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