Release: Xtags 1.6 for InDesign CS5/5.5/6

January 16, 2013 by

This release of Xtags for InDesign adds a progress bar and support for OpenType features, and addresses a couple of import issues.


We know of a problem introduced in this release which prevents anchored frames from shrinking to their contents. If this could affect you, please delay updating until a newer release becomes available. Feel free to contact Em Software Support for an interim solution if you need any of this version’s changes (below).


  • Adds a progress bar for long imports.
  • Adds support for the OpenType Features tag, o(...), that was introduced in QuarkXPress 7.
  • Improves compatibility with CS6’s Primary Text Frame autoflow machinery.
  • Fixes a problem where importing an anchored box tag with a non-zero frame width parameter via File > Place could cause a crash.
  • Fixes an issue with character style tags, where they weren’t removing active character-level overrides. For example, in previous releases the tags <z7>small<@24PtStyle>big would incorrectly style “big” as 7pt text. Now, applying a character style will reset all overrides such that the same tags will produce “big” in 24pt text. (The z7 is removed when 24PtStyle is applied, which is what our Xtags for QuarkXPress sister-product has always done.)

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