WordsFlow and DocsFlow user guides now printable/pdf-able

September 11, 2014 by

In this Age of the Web, hard copy (physical or virtual) doesn’t matter to most people, but it really matters to some. So we’ve just made important parts of our web site printable or pdf-able for when you want to take some part of it offline with you in paper or digital form, for study, reference or just light vacation reading.

Before we made this change, when attempting to print, you’d get an ugly sprawl of various web page fragments. And you’d see confusing references in the text to the current web page’s sidebar, or useless directions to click on a picture to zoom.

In particular, the WordsFlow user guide and the DocsFlow user guide are now print-friendly, along with the main product pages, news items, case studies and other more static portions of the web site.

As a simple example, here’s a pdf of the WordsFlow product page: http://ftp.emsoftware.com/pdf/WordsFlow.pdf (note how we cleverly made that link work online and offline).

So go forth and print or make pdfs galore!


To make a pdf, visit the page in question, print, and then use your operating-system- and browser-specific method for saving as pdf.

Safari doesn’t obey css page margin directives, and Firefox doesn’t handle graphics across page boundaries well. Chrome seems to give the best results for printing and making pdfs.


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