The Xtags book, “Xtags Maximized,” now freely available

May 2, 2015 by

We’ve negotiated the rights with Darryl Keck to make his blockbuster Xtags book freely available, Xtags Maximized. The book has over 200 pages in 9 chapters, diving both deep and wide into using Xtags for serious production work.

You can download the book from the link above, or from the sidebar on this page and the Xtags product page.

Even though it’s some years old now, and written for Xtags for QuarkXPress, the book is still fairly accurate, since the features described haven’t changed. (Xtags certainly has had new features added since then, which you can explore using the release history links found in the download sidebar elements on this page.) The book also generally applies to Xtags for InDesign, since we try to keep the two versions working as closely as humanly possible.

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