Release: Xcatalog 3.10 for QuarkXPress 10/2015/2016

July 21, 2016 by

This release of Xcatalog adds support for FileMaker Pro 15 and introduces a major improvement to editing text with links.


  • Adds support for FileMaker Pro 15.
  • Improves text link editing by enforcing behavior similar to that of text attribute (like bold, font size, etc.) editing on text containing links and text contained by links:
    • Anything typed or pasted into an existing link becomes part of that link, even if what’s pasted itself contains links.
    • Links in text pasted outside of an existing link are now retained (before, they were always lost).
    • After back-deleting into a link, what’s then typed or pasted becomes part of that link.
    • After selecting an entire link, what’s then typed replaces only the link’s content.
    • After selecting an entire link, what’s then pasted will generally replace the link.

    These improvements are provided by Xcatalog whether its Enhanced Text Link Editability feature is enabled or not.

  • Fixes the Enhanced Text Link Editability feature so that an auto-adjusted linked text selection is always left with balanced link markers (either both included in the selection or both excluded from the selection).
  • Fixes a problem where a picture box’s drop shadow could linger after an update with an empty field removed a picture with a clipping path.

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