Release: WordsFlow 2.6.8 for InDesign CS5–CC2015

August 2, 2016 by

This release includes a number of fixes that improve the quality and stability of imports, updates, and exports.


  • Fixes a problem with Export with WordsFlow where the suggested file name wouldn’t match the document’s name if it contained segments separated by periods. Now, the suggested name for a document named xxx.yyy.indd will be xxx.yyy.docx instead of xxx.docx.
  • Fixes a problem introduced in WordsFlow 2.6.4 that caused an “Unhandled exception (ParseError)” error when using a font with a character special to xml (like &) in its name.
  • Fixes a problem which inadvertently disabled WordsFlow’s “smart styling” for documents imported with InDesign’s Remove Styles and Formatting from Text and Tables option.
  • Fixes an issue which had WordsFlow attempting to handle some flavors of placed eps images.
  • Fixes a problem which could cause an import of an odt file containing a numbered list to fail.
  • Fixes a problem where updating a story with a table containing a graphic cell with mixed content caused InDesign to shut down.
  • Fixes a situation where WordsFlow wasn’t adhering to its “InDesign wins styling changes” update policy.
  • Fixes a rare problem that caused some updates to fail with an “Unhandled exception (KeyError)” error.
  • Fixes a problem where an update could lose a non-rectangular frame’s applied object style.
  • Improves font and font style (bold/italic) selection in DOCX exports.
  • Fixes a problem that caused exported DOCX files to Place with bad formatting if not first “cleansed” by opening and saving them in Word.
  • Fixes a problem which prevented Word from opening an exported odt file if it contained footnotes.
  • Fixes a problem which caused exports containing cell tints with fractional values (like 60.5%) to fail.
  • Fixes DOCX exports to include bullets and numbering properties in paragraph styles.
  • Fixes the indentation level of lists in DOCX exports.
  • Fixes a problem which allowed DOCX exports to contain more than Word’s limit of 64 tab positions.
  • Changes how WordsFlow exports based-on styles for better LibreOffice compatibility.

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