Release: Xdata 4.7 for QuarkXPress 10/2015/2016

March 10, 2017 by

This release adds control over PDF imports and fixes a macOS-only import bug.


  • Adds the picture property pictureimportpage to import a specific page from a PDF. For example, <<set pictureimportpage of pic 1 to n>> would select page n of the imported PDF, where n is an expression resulting in a non-negative integer. Page numbers begin at 1 (one), but page 0 (zero) may be specified in order to use QuarkXPress’s global default (the page last set in the PDF import options dialog).

    Specifying page zero is the same as not setting the pictureimportpage property at all. Invalid page numbers (negative or out-of-range values) result in the first page being imported.

    Note that because of how QuarkXPress works, the specified page number will become the global default for future imports until changed by another pictureimportpage.

  • Adds the picture property pictureimportcrop to control the cropping of an imported PDF page. For example, <<set pictureimportcrop of pic 1 to n>> where n is an expression resulting in one of the following values:
    • 0 (zero) – uses the InDesign global default (the cropping last set in the PDF import options dialog).
    • 1 – crops to the media
    • 2 – crops to the page
    • 3 – crops to the content (bounding box)
    • An invalid value is ignored. As with pictureimportpage, the specified cropping will “stick” as QuarkXPress’s default until changed by another pictureimportcrop.
  • Fixes a long-standing problem that would cause an import to fail if the file’s name contained a colon (displayed as a forward slash in Finder). (macOS, QuarkXPress 10+ only)

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