Release: Xdata 4.9 for QuarkXPress 2016/2017/2018

May 21, 2018 by

This release of Xdata adds support for QuarkXPress 2018, discontinues support for QuarkXPress 2015, and fixes problems with the macOS Universal Clipboard.


  • Adds support for QuarkXPress 2018. This upgrade is free for users with Xdata licenses for QuarkXPress 2016 and QuarkXPress 2017; the Xdata XTension will find and automatically use your existing license so long as it was previously activated on that same machine. If you’ve updated to QuarkXPress 2018 from a version older than 2016, you’ll need to contact our sales department to purchase an Xdata upgrade license.
  • Removes support for QuarkXPress 2015. While we’ll no longer fix problems in or add features to this older version, we will otherwise provide normal support indefinitely.
  • Fixes an incompatibility with macOS 10.13 High Sierra’s new Universal Clipboard that could prevent Import from Clipboard… from working. (macOS only)
  • Fixes where Import from Clipboard… could produce incorrect (accented) characters by improving auto-detection of Unicode text. (macOS only)
  • Allows the fieldindex() function to resolve an arbitrary expression as a field reference. For example, given a field named “price”, fieldindex("price") will now return the same value as fieldindex(price). When combined with fieldvalue(), a prototype can now be designed that lets the imported data determine which field is used in any given expression (like «put fieldvalue(fieldindex(price_field_for_region)) into price»). Note that, to use the actual value of a field as the argument for fieldindex(), that value must first be copied to a variable that is then given as the fieldindex()‘s argument (because given a bare field name, fieldindex() will just return the index of the given field).

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