Release: Xtags 2.11 for InDesign CS6, CC2019-2021

July 12, 2021 by

This release adds support for Apple silicon and allows imports with URLs.


  • Installs a Universal binary for InDesign 2021 on macOS with native support for both Intel and, when used with InDesign 2021 16.3 (or later), Apple silicon (M1/ARM64) processors. The Xtags About dialog now shows which slice of the binary was loaded as part of its version (as “(Intel)” or “(Apple)”).

  • Accepts a URL in lieu of a file path to allow the import of internet-based resources. For example, the anchored picture box creation tag
    <&pb((144,f),72,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"")> creates a 2″ x 1″ anchored picture box, downloads an image from our server, and imports it scaled to fit the frame’s width.

    Importing an image with a URL is currently similar to copy-and-pasting the image from another application: InDesign will only store a low-resolution preview in the document. Depending on your workflow, this may mean that downloaded pictures will need to be replaced before going print.

    Note that, depending on the scheme used by the URL, a 3rd party plug-in or connector may be required for the import to succeed.

  • Adds automatic downloading and importing of remote content, including pictures and text, for URLs that InDesign isn’t able to access on its own (meaning, for which there’s no built-in support nor 3rd-party connector plug-in installed). Remote content is generally imported just as it would be if it had been placed from a local file except that no link is created.

  • Fixes <B> to work better with font families that have a “Black” and/or “Heavy” face instead of “Bold” (like Avenir or Hoefler Text) or in addition to “Bold” (like Avenir Next).

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