Release: Xtags 2.15 for InDesign 2021-2023

May 25, 2023 by

This release adds support for various QuarkXPress 8 tags.


  • Imports (but otherwise ignores) QuarkXPress 8’s East Asian <Ln> (half-width orientation), <Yn> (character sending) , <Mn> (emphasis marks), <*An> (character alignment) and <*m"..."> (Mojigumi set name).

  • Imports (but otherwise ignores) QuarkXPress 8’s <*s"..."> (hanging character set) and its undocumented use of <o> (Open Type “no features” tag, we’re assuming).

  • Accepts QuarkXPress 8’s revised style sheet format, which replaces 4.0’s S with Sp for paragraph style definitions (like @stylename=[Sp"based-on","next-style"{,"char-style"}]) or St for character style definitions (like @stylename=[St"","","","based-on"]).

  • Includes the font name when reporting a font tag error.

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