Release: Xtags 2.16 for InDesign 2022-2024

October 10, 2023 by

This release adds support for InDesign 2024 as well as text threading.


  • Adds support for InDesign 2024.

  • Discontinues support for InDesign 2021. While we’ll no longer fix problems in or add features to discontinued versions, we will otherwise provide normal support indefinitely. Download links for final-version installers for older versions of InDesign that we no longer support can be found in the sidebar of Xtags for InDesign’s Release History page.

  • Adds a t (or T) flag for text frames created with &tbu2 that causes the newly-created box to be threaded with either the previously-created text frame (it links the two frames), or, if a box reference is provided for relative placement, the referenced box. The tag’s text content, if any, simply adds to that text thread. (Unanchored text boxes only.)

    For example, use Edit > Paste with Xtags with this text:

    <&tbu2(36,36,144,144)>First tag’s content, <B>then <&te><&tbu2(72,108, 144,144,0,0,t,n)>the second tag’s content, which continues<B> the first frame's style (<B>bold<B>).<&te>

    where the second &tbu2 uses a t in its 7th parameter (flags) to link it with the first unanchored text frame. Note that threading with anchored frames or non-text frames is not allowed and will cause an error.

    Here’s an example of tags that use a box reference for threading. They create Frame A and then thread a new Frame B with Frame A by name.

    <&tbu2(36,36,144,144,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"Frame A")>This is Frame A's content.<&te>
    <&tbu2((36,TL,"Frame A"),72,144,144,0,0,t,n)>This is Frame B's content.<&te>

    Note that the Frame B tag’s first parameter — what’s normally the x value — is replaced with a sub-list — (36,TL,"Frame A") — that tells Xtags to first place the box relative to Frame A (see Relative Box Placement starting on page 44 of the Xtags User’s Guide for details and additional options) and then link with that frame.

  • Fixes a problem where an applied paragraph style might not stick if followed by an &it tag that uses InDesign Tagged Text to inject a table.

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