Release: Xtags 3/4.0.2 for InDesign CS/CS2

These early releases of Xtags added quite a few small features, but mostly fixed bugs in the initial release.

Note that this includes all release notes back to the original Xtags 3.0 for InDesign CS.

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Release: Xtags 6/ for XPress 6/7

This set of releases includes a whole slew of bug fixes and adds many features, including additional picture box runaround type support, box placement relative to another named box, PDF page and cropping support on import, Unicode import/export in XPress 7, support for layers on box creation, and much more.

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Release: Xtags 4/6.2.1 for XPress 4/6

This release fixes a few bugs and adds new features such as full XPress index tag support and more.

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