Plugins for InDesign

Our plugins for InDesign currently support CC 2020, 2021 and 2022.

For macOS, we now ship ‘universal’ plugins for native operation under both Intel and Apple Silicon architectures, starting with InDesign 16.3.

Plugins for Adobe XD

We have a whole new line of plugins for Adobe XD.

Our latest plugin for Adobe XD is Docs 2 Design, and our most popular is Icons 4 Design.

XTensions for QuarkXPress

Our XTensions for QuarkXPress currently support 2020, but we’re sunsetting these XTensions at this level. See the news for Xdata, Xtags, and Xcatalog.

Keeping up

Find all news here, or use the “news” menu at the top of each page. Or, better yet, find out how to get the news as it happens.

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