Server plug-ins for InDesign CS5/5.5 Server

February 24, 2012 by

We’re pleased to announce that we now have server versions of our popular, field-proven data publishing solutions available for Adobe InDesign CS5 Server and Adobe InDesign CS5.5 Server.

Server versions of InDesign, coupled with our plugins, enable almost unlimited hands-off automation, driven from other business processes (such as web input or user-initiated scripts). You drive the whole system with scripts (the same scripts that you’d run on the desktop, except that there’s no user interface) in patterns such as opening a template document, updating with InCatalog from a data file or a direct database connection or importing with InData or Xtags–resulting in, for example, a price-updated catalog or a newly-created parts list or photo book–, optionally saving the result as a PDF, saving or discarding the resulting document, then repeating that with more documents and data/text inputs, etc. Since all our plugins are fully scriptable, they can participate as key elements in your overall automation process.

The server plug-ins will be freely downloadable from our website; however, to try them you’ll need to contact us to obtain a trial license or to purchase a full license.

For the time being, we’re only providing Windows versions of our server plugins, since Adobe is emphasizing the 64-bit server (available only under Windows), and since most folks are using this version. If you need the Mac OS X version of a server plugin, please contact us at the coordinates above.

As an additional help for your development and testing, we can provide a free desktop license along with the server license of our plugins.

Watch for the individual server product releases over the coming weeks (Xtags for InDesign is already available), and feel free to contact our support crew, if you have questions about availability, or would like to discuss how our plug-ins could fit into your server workflow.

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