Release: Xtags 3.14 for QuarkXPress 2016/2017/2018

September 13, 2018 by

This release of Xtags removes support for obsolete bit-mapped frame styles.


  • Removes support for bit-mapped frame styles in box creation tags, where the bitmap’s resource was specified as a numerical value in place of a style’s name. Quark dropped support for all bitmap frames like Yearbook and Ornate years ago, and InDesign never supported them. Boxes created by tags that specify frame resource numbers will now be created with Solid.
  • Allows old-style (pre-2.0 source versions) algorithmic frame style selection in all source versions, where a numerical value is used to select a frame style in a box creation tag rather than the style’s name. This change was made to support system-generated and legacy tags; please use the style’s name, like Solid or Dotted, in all new tagged text.

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