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February 11, 1999 by

I still love Xtags, it’s a great tool! —Will L.

I am very impressed by the competent, quick and thorough support from you. —Anjo Krank

Your guys’ support and response time are truly appreciated. Thanks so much. —Bob A.

We have been using Xdata/Xcatalog for a couple of years now and never have any serious problems. Fantastic products. Have a great night and thanks for the incredible tech support. —Jason S.

Woo-hoo! [Xcatalog] appears to work perfectly. I’ll let you know if anything else shows up. Wish all our software suppliers were as responsive and competent! —Roy O’R.

By the way, this plugin [InCatalog] is saving me tons of time. About 2-3 weeks of time every time we want to put out a new catalog in the future. —Chris W.

I love Xdata! It has helped me on several big catalog or directory projects. —Jeff Jones

Yes thanks—will be purchasing this afternoon—excellent product! —Andrew P.

Anyway, we do want to keep integrating Xtags into our solution because we think it’s a good product and it brings a lot of value to our customers. —Josef K.-J.

I own your Xcatalog product and have been thoroughly delighted with it; I now want to purchase your Xdata extension to work on a different project. —Cherie K.

Love Xdata. Have used to convert two Filemaker data files to a QuarkXPress 600 page catalog. —Judy G.

Now I find that Em Software, a company I must admit I had forgotten for a number of years proves that there are still some people and organisations out there that will listen. You and ALAP help to make this profession worthwhile.

This is not bullsh*t. This is a genuine heartfelt response. I wish you all well and will keep an eye open for other products that we might need. —Richard G.

You and the Avatar folks are awesome! Thanks ever so. —Vicky N.

Our company couldn’t function without your software. —Bryan B.

On the whole, I think the Xtags and Xcatalog tools are great, as in quite powerful. —Jeff N.

Love the program [Xtags]. Have been using it for years. Well done and thank-you! —Simon P.

I purchased Xdata a year or so ago, and have been really happy using it for producing medium sized directories, importing specific fields from Excel. —Paul G.

Thanks again for your help. It is gratifying to work with someone dedicated to doing a good job. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. —Jody W.

Thank you both for your immediate response, and I continue to be very impressed with Xtags’ power. —Patrick T.

By the way, I think Xtags is a great product. —Paul G.

Thank you. You have made my life a lot easier. I’ve got a client breathing down my neck wanting to see a proof yesterday and with [other company] dissolving I was a little nervous on how to solve this. —Danna B.

Once again, we’re printing our giant, annual Eating & Drinking Guide, and
we wouldn’t be able to do it so efficiently without your products. … Great product (I did a 3-month stint at [large record company] this year, and Xcatalog is used extensively there—a real life-saver for them), and I really appreciate the quick responses from you. —Shambo P.

Sorry if you got me wrong. I’m not put off at all. I still think you have a great product. And actually you have the best support I’ve seen in quite a while! —Patrick S.

Thanks, once again, to you and Coletta for your prompt, friendly, and thorough responses! —Daniel L.

I’m working with XCatalog Pro (Windows) latest version and I’m very satisfied. —Christian F.

And by the way your support for the product (from Coletta) has been exemplary. … Thanks again for your special handling of this—it is much appreciated. —David F.

Thank you for your help. You have a wonderful support staff and make a ps—great product. —Mike J.

And I promise to send you a copy of our College Guide book that will have all those tables and tables and tables done in the magnificent Xdata. —Jojo M.

I’ve been using XData since it’s inception—it’s a great product—keep up the good work. —Chet K.

First I would like to thank you and your peers for your support over the past two months. We have had great success with Xdata and will have continued success in the future. —Perry F.

Thanks again for your continued support. You guys have never let me down. Rene T.

We LOVE your program [Xdata]. Thank you for creating it. We design yearbooks and this has tremendously sped up our layout time. —Lesa B.

Thanks again—I hope this project goes through, because if your products are as good as your tech support, they rock! —Jeff W.

Thanks so much for your help on an issue that wasn’t your problem! —Ken L.

This works great! Thank you. My customer will be thrilled. … They already think Xdata is a great product. —David N.

Can’t thank you enough. You guys are so on the j.o.b. with help right there! —Neal D.

Your tech support and sales are tops! Very helpful and not just courteous—friendly! Great product too. —Oscar A.

Thank you very much for the quick response. It worked! Xdata has saved us a lot of hard work in the past. —Les S.

You guys are the bee’s knees. … Just seems like the right day to send you a big thanks for all you’ve done. … Not many companies are as responsive as yours. It’s a true pleasure to be a customer. Thanks again. —David Earls

Overall, the documentation and samples are excellent, and I am very impressed with the power of the product [Xdata]. Nice work. —Dennis C.

Your software [Xdata] has been literally the “glue” to this entire project and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for producing such a fine product. —Chad N.

How delighted I was to get your two emails so quickly. I have a full weekend of work ahead of me; and assuming this solution works, you have saved my b*tt. … Although it has been a couple of years since last using Xdata, I have recommended it to a number of my clients. Now my faith in you guys is higher than ever. —Andy K.

Thanks, as always, for your thorough and timely support. —Len F.

Boy, talk about great customer service/tech support! Thank you. —Gary S.

Just a note to say I really love Xdata—it’s been a real time-saver for me. Keep going! —John O’M.

Many, many thanks, Chris. As before, these products are real life savers for us. —Shambo P.

On the other hand we got your answer. Congratulation for your quick and helpful service! Even on Saturday! —Suzanne E.

Thanks for your response. I got two responses from tech support via email in
just a couple hours. You guys must really be good! Thanks. When will Xcatalog Pro be released? Can’t wait. We use Xdata extensively. Great product. —Fred U.

That was it, thanks a lot. FYI [customer] is regularly using Xdata to publish [wine magazine] and [cigar magazine] and are very happy with it. —Graham Y.

Thank you very much for your support, I’ll wait for upgrades. Xdata still reamains the brightest jewel in my Xtension folder. —Alex Del G.

First I want to say I love your product. I am ridiculously excited and happy! I have sweated for hours over Applescripts to format text in Quark, and you have solved my problems! —Emma Glaisher

Let me say that we are very pleased with your product. We will simply buy more licenses next week. —Joerg B.

And it all works beautifully! Thanks very much for your support. —Sherm S.

I know I’ve been a royal pain in the rear, but I wanted to say thanks for the support that you have given. Big thanks to Coletta, Dave and Ron. This is my first project and I sorely needed the help. —Andy S.

I want to thank you for your quick and acurate responses that helped us out. —Manos S.

You guys are super…Best service I’ve ever received. —Amy L.

Chris, you’re brilliant! … Your record of wins is still unbroken. Many thanks. —Neal D.

Thanks and compliments to you and your staff for prompt and worthy assistance. It is a pleasure dealing with your company. … Thanks again for remarkable support. —Marc R.

I couldn’t live without it. In fact, we wouldn’t upgrade our umpteen copies of Quark until Xtags was available (and I told Quark so). —Craig H.

WE LOVE YOUR PROGRAM [Xdata]. Thanks for your help! —Jane H.

I really appreciate your help and your product which has improved workflow tremendously for our company. —Dee H.

PS—Your tech support has always been excellent. Nice to know that an excellent product is backed up with excellent tech support. Thanks, again. —Rafael B.

BTW, you all are great! (Although I am a support provider myself, I have encountered (much too often) less than satisfactory support from other various vendors, etc.) —Jim H.

I just wanna thank you for a fast and precise answer. It was exactly the solution I was looking for. You’ve got an excellent product and what’s more, you’ve apparently got an excellent support for it too. —Martin W.

Thanks for all your effort and jet response. —Eviatar K.

Thanks for the super-prompt support. Just want you to know that I appreciate your style of doing business. I wish everyone was so accommodating! —Irv G.

First, thanks for a great software product [Xdata]. It continues to deliver issue after directory issue. —Doug D.

The fact is, your products are saving our [large music] company unbelievable amounts of time and money every day, and I’ve been delighted with your response to the feature requests we’ve made to-date. —Oliver L.

Well, my company has finally purchased your software, and I must say that I’m quite impressed. —David P.

I will! And again, thank you so much! Did I tell you Xdata is my ultimate resource for, well everything? —Anders B.

On support you have no rival! —Alex N.

One of the best product-introduction manuals I’ve had the pleasure of using. Looks like Xtags will do everything we need. Once I learn it, there seem to be other applications we can use that we didn’t even consider. Jessica F.

Thanks again for your response—can’t do without Xtags! John P.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your solution worked great. You guys ROCK! —Reid H.

I’ve used this extension [Xdata] and had a lot of success with it. It’s a little difficult to learn but it works with many different data bases and was perfect for creating the phone directory I had to do. Sharon C.

Your Xcatalog has helped us alot with our ROP department. —Jordan L.

I have downloaded Xdata. It works exactly as I hoped. I just want to tell that I found excellent the service your company has provided. —Dario Z.

I must say that despite the delay, you have been an excellent representative for Em Software; you have been most courteous and very professional and I appreciate the time and effort you spared to keep me informed of what was happening. Sadly, here in the UK it is rare that we find such service. … I look forward to my next purchase! —Justin


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