“no way that I would even consider having Quark without Xtags”

June 19, 2001 by

I am setting up my own home Quark system that includes a suite of software… I have worked with all of these softwares for about 5 years now and I can honestly say, there is no way that I would even consider having Quark without Xtags.

I work for a composition house that specializes in typesetting books and journals and also specializes in the most up-to-date electronic needs of our customers. I have been working with our Electronic Publishing department for many years and understand the need that our customers have for XML/SGML input and output. I truly believe that the combination of your software and the Kytek software will be the key that truly unlocks the mysterious connection of XML input and output from Quark. Of course I know there are other softwares out there that purport to do just what I mentioned but I also know they fall very short of what they propose to do.

I have used your software to its fullest extent …, and it is truly a revolutionary software for serious book composition [by] Quark users.

Thanks for being there! And PLEASE be there for a LONG time!

John Ferguson


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