“Xdata is my choice by quite a margin”

August 6, 2001 by

On a completely different subject, I am curious why Xdata isn’t reviewed by the people who are writing articles about variable data printing software. I have used two other applications and have demoed some others and Xdata is my choice by quite a margin. I guess the lack of a slick GUI makes these people think Xdata isn’t up to the others but the fact that I can code what I want is what makes Xdata so attractive, and useful, to me. When I read these articles that don’t even mention Xdata in passing (!) I feel a little smug that someone looking at getting into competition with me may not know about the best application for creating variable data and will spend more time and money than I do working with something other than Xdata.

Keep up the good work.

John Roberds, Odyssey Digital Printing


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