“Xtags is worth it for this alone”

December 1, 2006 by

Tinkering with XPress Tags to fix bugs that were preventing a Quark document from printing showed me how much easier it can be to work with tagged files rather than Microsoft Word files. They are cleaner and cause fewer problems on import. Xpress Tags makes the use of tagged files even more powerful. My favourite feature is the ability (on the Edit menu) to copy selected text as XPress Tags and then paste the block of text on the pasteboard with all the codes visible. Makes fixing bugs simple. And on those occasions when the Quark XPress Tags filter doesn’t recognise a file a a Tags file and import everything as plain text, select the whole text, cut it and then use Paste Tags and it appears as it should. Xtags is worth it for this alone.

Dr Digby L. James, Quinta Press


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