“I have to tell you that it never gets old”

October 3, 2007 by

As you know, we’ve been working with Em Software for many years now, and have implemented InCatalog, InData, and InFlow in a wide range catalog and retail advertising environments.

We’re currently in the prototyping stage of an ad planning/ad production integration project with a national retail-advertising customer that involves a component of automated data linking and page building.

Creative use of a combination of InCatalog and Adobe’s XML tagging functions provided us with the technical components required to bridge the planning/data, and creative/layout domains, and provide overall functionality that is most often associated with and expected from expensive enterprise systems.

For our prototype, we designed an export schema from a legacy ad planning system, and merged this export with marketing content from another source, and image references from yet another repository, with an online tool we designed for the project. From a test export of an actual ad event, we built a 150-page indexed InDesign document with 700+ fully populated, fully formatted, ready-to-use product groups, including regional versioning output, in less than half an hour.

Sure, this kind of thing is a day at the office for you, and for us, but I have to tell you that it NEVER gets old seeing the faces of those who typically spend weeks and months searching, gathering, re-keystroking, and tracking all of the content that is now automated directly to the page for them, upon seeing it for the first time. It drops jaws every time!

We just wanted to share this with you, and thank you for the great work, and support back at Em Software. We’re glad to be your consulting/integration partner, and look forward to many more of these experiences in the future.

Jeff Kazanow, Partner, Onus LLC


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