Release: Xtags 2.2 for InDesign CS5–CC2014

August 21, 2014 by

This release adds a box fitting enhancement, improves PDF importing, and fixes an issue with inline frames and vertical justification.


  • Improves how picture boxes are shrunk to fit their contents. Now, if the box’s shrink-to-fit-contents request fails because the contents are too large, Xtags will try again after the contents have been auto-sized (via F, A, or L picture placement). Before, the box would simply be left at its original size.
  • Allows $ in a picture box tag’s page number and cropping style parameters, which tells Xtags to use InDesign’s default PDF Place Preferences for that setting. Please note that, because InDesign’s PDF settings are just those of the most-recent manual PDF import, using $ in an uncontrolled environment could result in inconsistent results.

    As before, if left empty, Xtags will use its built-in defaults for these settings: page 1 and Bounding Box (Visible).

  • Fixes a problem where an Xtags-based PDF import could change InDesign’s default PDF Place Preferences.
  • Fixes a problem introduced with the 2.0 release which was causing inline frames to default to a text wrap setting that was preventing their host text frame from being vertically justified. The text wrap of inline frames created with the &tb and &pb tags is now (once again) being forced to “none” so that it doesn’t block vertical justification. (See the notes for the Xtags 3/4.0.2 release for details.)

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