Release: Xtags 2.8.5 for InDesign CS5–CC2019

October 22, 2019 by

This patch addresses issues with encodings, frame styles, and text styling.


  • Fixes a problem where tagged text could be imported incorrectly if its encoding tag wasn’t appropriate for its actual encoding (like a Unicode-encoded file that said it was MacRoman with a <e0>). Now, an encoding tag is ignored if it disagrees with the encoding that was auto-detected by Xtags.
  • Adds back support for numerical frame style values of 0 (zero), removed in the 2.7 release, so that legacy tags that call up Solid by its bitmap frame resource id don’t fail with an error.
  • Fixes the output of None-style character runs by generating a <@> instead of a <@$p>, where the latter is really only valid for QuarkXPress’s no-character-style runs.
  • Fixes an inconsistency with importing <@$>, where it would apply a character style named Normal regardless of whether the document contained a matching Normal paragraph style. Now, Normal is only applied by a <@$> if the document also contains a paragraph style named Normal. (Xtags emulates QuarkXPress behavior for uses of @$: and <@$> only when a document contains both a paragraph style named Normal and a character style named Normal. When only one, or neither, Normal style is present, @$: applies InDesign’s [Basic Paragraph] style and <@$> applies InDesign’s [None] character style.)
  • Fixes a language recognition problem where importing some language names (like “German: 2006 Reform”) would produce a “No such language” error.
  • Fixes a problem where box tags generated by Xtags were ignoring frame scaling. The width and height values of box tags generated by Save Text with Xtags and Copy with Xtags now include any x or y Scale Percentage that’s active on the frame.

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