Release: Xtags 3.9 for QuarkXPress 9/10/2015

May 27, 2015 by

This release of Xtags adds support for QuarkXPress 2015 (both Windows and Mac OS X, woohoo!) and includes minor fixes.

Known Issues

Quark appears to have dropped support for old-style Mac menu font names in QuarkXPress 10 and QuarkXPress 2015, as evidenced by the change in the font menu’s list from QuarkXPress 9. This means that tags that currently select a font by its menu name will need to be converted to use the font’s PostScript font name instead. For example, <f"H Futura Heavy"> would need to be changed to <f"Futura-Heavy"> and <f"Baskerville BT"> would need to be changed to <f"BaskervilleBT-Roman">.

(A font’s PostScript name can be found in Apple’s Font Book app (with Preview > Show Font Info selected) or by selecting some styled text and viewing the results of Edit > Copy with Xtags.)


  • Adds support for QuarkXPress 2015. The QuarkXPress 2015 XTension requires a valid-for-2015 Xtags license. Please contact our sales department to purchase an upgrade license or to obtain a free upgrade if you purchased Xtags within the last nine months.

    Note that the Xtags for QuarkXPress 10 XTension requires QuarkXPress 10.2 or later and will fail to load in versions prior to 10.2. Quark provides free upgrades to 10.5, the most recent version.

  • Improves how picture boxes are shrunk to fit their contents. Now, if the box’s shrink-to-fit-contents request fails because the contents are too large, Xtags will try again after the contents have been auto-sized (via F, A, or L picture placement). Before, the box would simply be left at its original size.
  • Adds support for new-style Finder bookmarks (née aliases). (Mac OS X 10.8 and later only)
  • Fixes the handling of file and directory names containing forward slashes. (QuarkXPress 10 on Mac OS X only)
  • Fixes the display of the missing picture proxy image (the red ?) which could draw with funky colors and opacity. (QuarkXPress 10 on Mac OS X only)

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