Release: Xtags 2.6 for InDesign CS5–CC2018

January 19, 2018 by

This release supports Quark’s new Conditional Style Markers (<\r>), adds Frame Fitting parameters, and improves compatibility with object styles.


  • Adds support for QuarkXPress 9’s Conditional Style Markers (<\r>). Note that while <\r> replaces <\k> (our own tag for InDesign’s End Nested Style Here character from when nested styles were a feature available only in InDesign) in generated tags, either tag is accepted in imported and pasted tagged text.
  • Adds support for InDesign’s Frame Fitting Options. A &pb and &pbu2 tag’s placement parameter can now be a sublist of the form

    ...,(fitting, alignment, auto-fit), ...

    where fitting is one of InDesign’s Content Fitting options (None, Fit content to frame, fit content proportionAlly, or filL frame proportionally), alignment is one of InDesign’s Align From choices (TL for top-left, TC for top-center, TR for top-right, C for centered, CL for center-left, CR for center-right, BL for bottom-left, BC for bottom-center, or BR for bottom-right), and auto-fit is either A for Auto (continuous) fit or M for Manual (one-shot) fit.

  • Fixes anchored box alignment parameters when used with object styles. Empty anchored alignment parameters now correctly leave the corresponding anchored object attribute unset so that it uses the applied object style’s setting. For box tags where no object style is specified, and for object styles in which Anchored Object Options are not applied, traditional behavior is retained where the Xtags default value for that anchored object attribute is applied as an override.
  • Fixes picture box parameters when used with object styles so that, when the tag’s picture placement parameter is left empty, an applied object style’s Frame Fitting Options will determine the fit of the imported picture. Likewise, picture parameters like offset and scale, if left empty, will no longer override the object style’s fit with default values, but if provided, will continue to override any picture offset or scale that was determined by an object style’s fit.
  • Fixes a problem introduced in the 2.3 release that could prevent anchored frames from resizing to their content. (CS6-only)
  • Fixes a long-standing problem where applying skew with a box creation tag could result in box with an incorrect (overly-small) height.

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